4 Home Design Trends for 2013

2013 is predicted to be a great year for the real estate market. Whether or not you are a current home owner or you are looking to buy, there are a few home design trends to keep in mind. Not only are the following influential in today’s style preferences, but investing in these home designs will help raise the value of your home.

1. Eco-friendly architecture- Probably the most socially relevant home design techniques you can invest in is being conscientious towards the environment. It can be as simple as using bio-degradable materials, to using an energy-efficient design plan, to water management. Thinking green will not only give your home a comfortable rustic feel, but it might inspire the happy hippie vibe you have inside of you. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Digitize your home, Bill Gates style- Did you know that Bill Gates has automated controls for every room in his $113M built home? Each room is automated to recognize your preferred room temperature and it changes accordingly as you navigate around the house. The Nest Intelligent Thermostat, for example, reacts to home owners’ habits and adjusts to conserve energy costs. Current remote home-monitoring services have become smarter and less costly than when they originally came out.

Garage space converted into Irish-style bar

3. Make use of your garage space and basement- Let’s face it. Unless you invest in a large square foot property, it can be quite a task for home designers to concoct the perfect blend of trendy design, space, and functionality. The solution? Make use of the extra space that you have. Sure, the basement and garage may cause you to tighten your purse strings when it comes to finances, but it’s worth the investment in the long run. If, that is, your investment is one for the long term. The possibilities are endless (kind of), but they can be exciting, such as a work-out room, a child’s play room, or a hobby room.

4. Take your kitchen outside– This runs along the same theme of making use of your extra space. According to ThisOldHouse.com, any money you spend on your outdoor kitchen will increase the home value of your home. It can be as simple as installing a grill, or you can get invest more into your outdoor space by having a built-in cook’s station with a sink, refrigerator, sink, fireplace, and large seating bar.