Restoration Before and After- 270 Freeman Parkway

270 Freeman Parkway

With a baby on the way, the Donabedian family hopes to fill their new house with many treasured memories. Built in 1928, this historic Georgian colonial 3 bedroom 3 bath property houses many unique features that mother-to-be, Beth Donabedian, hopes to preserve.“We envisioned reviving the natural beauty of this 1920s house with the comforts of 21st century living (i.e. new heating, plumbing, a/c, insulation, energy efficient windows, and kitchen/bath surfaces and appliances). We also preserved and restored certain features of the house (i.e. floors, staircase, lighting, windows, and doors.)”

Preserving the property’s natural beauty and modernizing its appeal is an extensive task for Sega’s owner, George Potsidis. However, “the project was not the concern; it was whether or not the buyers were up for the challenge, “says Potsidis.  

Working full time jobs with a baby on the way, both David and Beth Donabedian were looking to settle in quickly at first.  But both came to realize that the project was more of a task than anticipated. “This property was uninhabitable when we bought it. The most difficult aspect of this project was making sure to finish on time and within the budget,” Donabedian remarks. 

When asked what the most satisfying result of the restoration project is, Beth believes it is to live in a space uniquely designed by her and David– “to actually live in this space that was once a simple vision and drawing on paper.  We love that we are living in a space that is exactly what we designed!”

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