Bluff Ave project journal sneak peak 3…

It is funny how one’s standards of living are lowered on the construction site.

The morning was chilly and we were just beginning what was sure to be a long day. 4 layers of wool and I am still cold. Maybe I should eat more donuts. Put on some fat. Assuming that that would be more effective than the wool.

Lenny surprises me by handing me a hot chocolate, his most recent obsession. I accept it gratefully and go back to work. “No Napkin?” I realize that Lenny is still standing next to me, staring at me quizzically. I also realize that he brought me a napkin and that he is offering it to me in his outstretched hand. Napkin? Isn’t that what my shirt is for? Granted, one month ago I was the one holding the napkins out to all the bewildered guys, much to everyone’s amusement. Now they’re lucky if I keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper.  Actually, a sawdust-free toilet is pretty exciting too.

Later in the afternoon I am on my 3rd coffee when I realize that I have been absentmindedly stirring my cup with a dirty pencil. Apparently out of stir sticks and clean utensils. Does the 3-second rule apply here? No matter….

~ Rita