Come on, Rhode Island–Can We Move Up the National Ranks A Bit?


One of the more difficult aspects of blogging is to find inspiration. Or, we could also say, write inspiring content.

As someone who blogs a few times a week about Rhode Island real estate, I can honestly say that it’s quite disheartening to search for praise or recognition when it’s nowhere to be found.

Let me begin by explaining what I just said. As a real estate blogger, it is part of my job to find articles on Rhode Island that provide updates on the real estate market. And more often than not, I will find tons and tons of national rankings–most of which include rankings in best neighborhoods, cities, school systems, home affordability, etc. And more often than not, Rhode Island is excluded entirely. As someone who loves Rhode Island, and sees the greatness and potential in its quirks, drama, and energy–it’s quite frustrating to see what a lot of other people don’t see. Here are some recent examples of which our little state isn’t recognized:

1. 25 Youngest – CNNMONEY: “These small towns from the Best Places database play host to the next gen of America. In Eagle Mountain, Utah, for example, the median age is just under 20 years old.”

2. Where homes are affordable – CNNMONEY: “Residents who live in these 25 growing towns see their incomes go the furthest.”

3. America’s 10 Hardest-Working Cities  – FORBES: “Where do Americans work the hardest?”

JUST as I was about to publish this post, I found two recognitions worth mentioning. And it ain’t pretty. First, the USDA ranked Providence as #11 in its list of “15 Worst U.S. Cities to Raise Your Kids”–in recent data measuring the cost projections of raising your child for the first year in a metropolitan city. The kicker? In the metro area’s median range of household income. One variable used to measure this data is the number of OB/GYNs per capita, as well as parks per capita. Seriously? Another blog post reporting on this data even suggested relocation if your city is mentioned on the list.

Not to kick you while you’re down but Providence was also recently ranked as the 3rd worst driving city in America by AllState.

There’s nothing I would like more than to find an article or two that praises all the good things our state has to offer. And don’t get be wrong, there are plenty. Providence is commonly ranked for its culinary achievements and universities. But let’s move beyond that and up the ante a bit.

Again, as a real estate blogger, I often gloat about such things as hidden gems around Providence, new business ventures, and interesting historic properties around Rhode Island. It’d be nice to be nationally recognized for lists that will drive more business or opportunities for our state, such as our young creative business owners (Providence claims the largest number of working artists per capita),our thriving efforts towards historic preservation on historic landmarks and properties?

Who knows…maybe we don’t need others to remind us of what we got.