Concerning Agent Relations in Providence

I have always found it amusing that new introductions and “what do you do?”’s in Providence are always met with looks of suspicion no matter what I say. “Attorney,” always receives the stereotypical reaction: I am left having to prove that I am not an egotist, swindler, or disparager. I get the worst of it, however, when I tell them that I am a “real estate broker.” Respect flies out the window. While I have grown accustomed to this now, such bad reactions to my profession are alarming yet unfortunately justified.

Certain members of the Providence Real Estate scene have, sadly, marred the reputation of the profession as a whole. The purpose of this blog is not to point fingers or make accusations. The point is to urge those in my field to show their clientele and their colleagues the respect and integrity that is deserved. Your clients are embarking on what may be the biggest financial transaction of their lives. Your colleagues are working hard to best represent their interests in those transactions. They all have a right to ethical representation.

I have never been one to embrace regulations and strict enforcements. But an argument for tighter laws in this business can be made. The lawyer side of me is thinking about drafting one.

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