D-Day Approaches for the Gilbane Thayer Street Project

Seen on EastSideMonthly.com


City Counsel approves changes in the land use for the Gilbane Thayer Street Project. On September 1st, a decision will be made on where or not to use the land for a high-end apartment complex on Thayer Street. According to EastSideMonthly.com, “…a compromise of sorts was accepted by the City’s Ordinance Committee and the developer, which made some adjustments that limited what would be allowable with the changes the City Plan Commission and the City Planning Department had originally sought.” The compromise would be a restriction on permissible entertainment on the zone, among other proposals such as the hotel project from Ed Bishop.

The offer to purchase this land and to rebuild will expire on September 1st, with no extensions on the table. East Side Monthly referred to this day as “D-Day” or the day to make the Decision. 

Time’s-a-tickin’ and we’re anxious to find out what the outcome will be. Nevertheless, this area is a prime location and we’re sure other offers will roll in regardless of the outcome.

Source: “Gilbane Thayer Street Project Marches Ahead” by eastsidemonthly.com