Debut ~ the Bluff Avenue Restoration Project

Day One.

When I first walked onto the porch of the Bluff Avenue house, I almost fell through the dilapidated floorboards. “It’s perfect,” I shrieked excitedly. And it was. Maybe, disguised by peeling wallpaper and years of neglect, it wasn’t obvious to anyone else, but it was obvious to me.

Three months later, here I am. Restoration Project Manager Day I. My first project where I actually get to have a final say in things. Probably a little concerning to those who know my tendencies towards the ornate and over-the-top. Finally a chance to prove that I can make a property fabulous while retaining affordability and universal appeal. Challenge accepted.

My first step toward achieving my objective was of course to run to Staples and spend nearly two hundred dollars on a fancy new binder, clipboard, notebook, and fun colored permanent markers. Absolutes must-haves for a project manager. First and only time I am going to stray from my careful budget I swear.

Finally happy with my new “tools,” I moved on to the next task at hand. Dumpster pricing out and rental. The glamorous life of construction jobs cannot be matched.

So it begins. Over the next few (well, hopefully only “few”) months I will be keeping an account of all the day-to-day ridiculousness that is sure to ensue on Bluff Ave. Neighbors be warned. A temperamental little Italian who is confident enough to have the delusional conviction that she actually knows what she is doing just moved in next door.

~ Rita