Demolition of Historic Alexander F Adie House on Federal Hill has begun…

While still in the early stages, demolition of the house located at 93 Atwells Ave began Monday, and it is causing quite the stir in the community. People are not pleased. Rumors of a hotel being opened on the historic site have been circling, but there are many that feel they will need to “see it to believe it”.

Mayoral Candidate Brett Smiley put it best:

“This isn’t just about preserving our history. It’s about strengthening our economy. Moving our economy forward doesn’t require bulldozing our history – it requires utilizing it. We should already have learned the lesson that historic preservation is economic development. Our significant and largely intact historic building stock is a critical part of what makes Providence a cultural center with a thriving tourism sector. Further, the upkeep, preservation and creative adaptive reuse of these buildings have a real multiplier effect throughout the local economy.”

Providence is known for its many historic sites, so is knocking this building down a good decision? Will a hotel definitely be placed, or have we neglected yet another a historic building only to replace with a vacant lot? Is this something that should have been prevented? If so, by who?

Please share your thoughts below!

Demolition scheduled for January 2014.

-Rebecca Rossi “Geo Investigative Reporter”

To see what else Brett had  to say: