Geo attends Cinco de Mayo fundraiser for RISE

On May 5th, the Geo ladies were delighted to attend Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education (RISE) fundraiser “fiesta” at the Cuban Revolution on 50 Aborn Street. RISE provides “educational opportunities and mentoring to more than 260 children of currently and formerly incarcerated parents across the Rhode Island state.”

RISE student speaker, Bianca Perry, gave a very moving speech as she retold her story as a child raised in an environment with crime and addiction. Perry emphasized her appreciation for RISE and its profound contribution towards recognizing her potential.  This year, Perry and four other RISE students will graduate high school and begin their journey as university students.

Raising nearly $7,000 in donations, we would definitely say the event was a success!

To learn more about opportunities in becoming involved with RISE, please go to website at