If you want it done right, do it yourself- with good help.

A recent article in PBN* makes an excellent case that you are better off having a “specialist” do a job instead of the business owner. Business owners should focus their time on being rainmakers and not get caught up in the operating details. Business Schools and advanced HR Managers fully support this concept. 

Personal experience has proven that although this concept is simple and straightforward, our business environment makes implementing this principle too difficult, if not impossible. While operating a construction and development company, rarely had I worked with any specialist who performed at the level I demanded of myself. Few cared enough about their job to fully immerse into it as an entrepreneur would. The errors I uncovered from their work were disturbing.

At first, I believed that it may have been as simple as not finding good team members. But after years of working with dozens of highly recommended professionals, I still found the same to be true. Dejected, I decided to train my staff to perform some of these tasks. I spent considerable time and effort at their side teaching management skills. As hard as I tried, I could not believe how difficult it was for most to even comprehend their job requirements. This video fully illustrates my ordeal.  Monty Python – Dumb Guards

Was this caused by babysitting and overseeing so much of what they did? Or did they just not care about being responsible? They worked solely for a paycheck and did not pay attention to their future. 

What I’ve discovered is that our labor pool is very limited. In addition, our professionals are not held to high standards by their clients. But what may seem to be a disappointing discovery, can actually be viewed from an opportunistic and hopeful perspective. With few businesses performing at a high standard and so many clients expecting inferior service, doors are open wide for businesses that perform outstanding work. To perform outstanding work you need good help. When you find good help, do everything you can to keep them. They are hard to find but they are out there. In this economy they are easier to spot. They are working. This is a great time to build your team.

George Potsidis