Instagram for Real Estate: Artistic Photos for Your Property Listings

It is difficult to ignore the level of success that Instagram has reached over the past couple of years. Within the first 12 months, Instagram has collected over 12 million users, and as of May 2012, it has acquired about 50 million users. A large part of its charm are the easy to download and upload functions. Average users can now take their average looking photos on their iphones and render them to the likes of professional photographers.

There are many articles out there that encourage business owners to incorporate the usage of Instagram in a company’s branding and marketing, especially for small businesses. So we thought, why not try it on our property listings? Here we go…

You’ll notice on the left, that we took a shot of a dining room table from one of our units and filtered it to mimic an artsy, art-deco inspired shot. Neat, right?


The photo on the right is a cool angled shot of one of our picture frames on a recently restored mantle. By just cropping it a bit, then applying a bolder filter, we can easily improve the photo in less than 2 minutes.

Yes, this is an amazing tool for business owners. Critics highly recommend using this tool for content creation and engagement. But for home owners and agents looking to sell properties, this easy to use app takes your marketing to another level.

No, not everyone is a photographer, and a great photographer is hard to come by. But in the event that you can’t afford one, Instagram will allow you to showcase unique features of your property and make them really stand out.