It's SUPER BOWL Time!! So where's the best place to watch this epic game?

By Chris Dallas

Well here we are, late January and most can agree that the pro football playoffs have exceeded expectations.  Making it even better, the local teams are in the Super Bowl! I can’t lie. I’m excited, yet still can’t believe that it’s a rematch between New York & Boston – okay, to be diplomatic lets say New York vs. New England. When the playoffs started, I really thought it was going to be Patriots vs. 49ers.

For most, who like me, are Patriots fans there is cautious optimism that Tom Brady & Co. can beat the Giants in the Super Bowl.  It’s been a tremendously mild winter and another Duck Boat celebration through the streets of Boston would be fantastic!  Besides, it’s been a while, right? (I guess you can say we are a bit spoiled around here).

An argument can be made that life & sports are closely intertwined especially games in all sports between these two great cities. On a personal note, that first time… Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 will always be the most special. I was living in New York City at the time and like most in that great City was still reeling from the tragic events of 9/11. I will never forget Robert Kraft’s comments after that (underdog) victory saying that “it’s fitting, that the team named the Patriots wins the Super Bowl this year”. I could not agree more Mr. Kraft.

Yes, I know. I digress. My bad.  My goal here today is not to stir up past emotions, nor give a history lesson. We all have Wikipedia for that. This article is about the Super Bowl and the Best Place in Town to watch the big game! 


Since I recently moved back to Boston from Providence, I thought that I should give you my choices for Best Sports Bars in both of these beautiful cities.

In Boston, I have to say Jerry Remy’s on Brookline Avenue in The Fenway. What a great spot! Not overwhelming large, but not small either. I love going to this bar before Red Sox games and can tell you that the food is pretty darn good too. The beer is flowing and best of all, no matter which direction you are facing, the game will be front and center. My runner-up is definitely a dark horse. Sweet Caroline’s, also in The Fenway. Most of you may have never heard of Sweet Caroline’s. I must admit, I don’t know much about the place, but if Jerry Remy’s in packed, this place is directly across the street. Every time I drive by, the place is a glow with giant flat screen TV’s and since its steps to Fenway Park, its gotta be good. Yes, you have your Boston staples: The Greatest Bar, Champions, etc. but for a great time you can’t miss with Remy’s and Caroline’s.

In Providence, it’s simple. Snooker’s. Hands down, The Best Sports Bar in Providence. Snooker’s, not to be confused with Snooki from the Jersey Shore is the place to be for the avid sports fan. You’ll find this place packed on a Tuesday night for a mid-season Red Sox game. My advice, definitely get there early because this place is always packed, let alone for the Super Bowl with the team that plays 20mins away in the big game!

As always, please feel free to comment.  Let me know if you think there is a better sports bar out there in Boston or Providence (would love to check them out) or even better, some kudos if you agree. Oh yeah, and your predictions as too who the champion will be.


Thanks for reading.