Lippitt Park's Fountain spices up this year’s Farmer's Market

Henry Bowen Anthony Fountain

Restoration of East Side’s Henry Bowen Anthony Fountain is set to completion by September of this year–just in time for the annual Farmer’s Market. Defunct for nearly thirty years, this fountain will now serve as the centerpiece for Lippitt Park.

By early fall, Rhode Islanders will be able to shop for the freshest local produce while enjoying the revival of East Side’s Lippitt Park. With the recent clearing out of the tress, the updated children’s playground and the anticipated functioning fountain, you could say that this park is going through a renaissance of its own.

Yet, at a time when the state’s deficit keeps growing, many Rhode Islanders wonder whether this is the right time for an expensive facelift.  Critics opposed to the restoration project deem this project as unnecessary government expenditure.

According to an article by Projo, the city has provided $112,000 for the project, as well as the Summit Neighborhood Associate with $10,000 and the Champlin Foundations with $58,900. It’s easy to criticize the decision makers and supporters of this renovation project; however, maybe it’ll raise spirits at a time when it’s needed most.

Kristin Laraja, an East Side resident, believes this restoration project to be an important one for the neighborhood. The park’s revival will now mirror the East Side’s unique cultural spirit, Laraja says, and visiting the park will now “become our family’s weekend tradition.”

What do you think?