Local Funeral Home Opens Bar

In case you haven’t heard yet, an Irish bar is being constructed out of Providence’s Monahan funeral home’s garage space. Located on 230 Waterman Street in Wayland Square, McBride’s Pub may become the “go-to” bar for grieving funeral attendees who don’t feel like going home just yet. McBride’s Pub had been scheduled to open this spring, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. However, word of mouth has it that their liquor license has been delayed.

Drinking with the dead?

Just like any pub, the new “funeral bar” will feature classic bar and grill cuisine. Yet, the most intriguing aspect of this innovative space is whether or not patrons can stomach eating so close to the dead. Neighboring businesses in Wayland Square don’t anticipate losing clients to this new, unique establishment.  “An Irish bar next to an Irish funeral home—slightly morbid but a good fit,” says James from Red Stripe restaurant.

However, McBride’s Pub has faced some restrictive measures from the city and its neighbors. For fear of rambunctious late night behavior, McBride’s Pub must cut off its service of food and alcoholic beverages by 10:30pm, Sunday through Thursday and 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday. All in all, the neighborhood seems excited to welcome a pub into the neighborhood, even if it is connected to a funeral home.