Nola’s first Day @ Bluff

Nola, my best friend Dawn’s 13 month old daughter, is just about the happiest, most darling little thing when left to her own devices. She was in top form yesterday when Dawn came over to help me with the landscaping at Bluff. Problem was that “her own devices” meant crawling around through plaster-dusted rooms and splintered floors. So I got “Nola” duty, while Dawn began doing battle with the horrendously overgrown hedges in the front yard. We spent the afternoon walking up and down the porch stairs, Nola’s hands in mine to keep her from touching anything. Surprisingly not boring. Shocking to some may be the fact that I occasionally enjoy spending time with little ones. At least when they eventually go back to their parents. I would be an awesome grandmother. If only I could skip the “mother” part.

Dawn had a nice day too, at least until a spider crawled inside her pants. No joke – this really happened. I was down on the grass with the munchkin when my friend suddenly started screaming and dancing around like Elaine from Seinfeld onto the front walkway. Before I, and my neighbors, knew it, Dawn was putting on a strip show for the neighborhood children. Pants half off, she finally ran up the stairs to complete her undressing in the living room. No curtains of course, so she still got a nice round of applause from the guys across the street, despite the curtailed performance.

Did I mention that Dawn is a hottie? Needless to say, Bluff Ave might as well have spotlights on it 24/7 for all the attention we are getting over here.

~ Rita