POLL: American's Expect Housing Market to Improve or Fail?


Many say that last year was the ideal time to buy. Sure, for the post grad, first time home buyer. But the added bonus of home prices increasing (and a growing number of inventory), is the potential for the economy to bounce back. Not just the real estate market.

New home buyer and attorney from Fort Lauderale, Fla., Eric Matheny, told a reporter that prices are steadily progressing and are starting to “creep back up” in a recent article on Bloomberg.com, More Americans like him are expressing growing optimism towards independent market results as well as the overall condition.

Bloomberg National Poll of 1,003 adults reports that 50% of Americans expect the housing market to improve in 2013, while only 16% expect it to get worse. Not only that, but the majority of these adults believe that the overall economy will improve as well. “The housing market is a major part of the economy, so it says something about the strength of the economy,” says Matheny.

All in all, this growing optimism will most definitely contribute to the economy’s health. As more people focus less on their fears of real estate investment, more will focus on investing in their lives.