Power in the "palm of our hands"

According to National Association of Realtors in 2011:
  • 88% of Buyers used internet to search for a home!
  • Median Age of first time buyers is 31. 
  • 63% of them walked through the home they viewed online.

Let’s face it-our world has been scaled down to the size of our smart phones! No longer do we wait to sit down and turn on a computer to access information. We want it Right here, Right now instantly on the phone. Our smart devices have become an essential tool in our everyday lives from making a simple phone call, searching for the nearest restaurant, or an important transaction such as hunting for our next home.  If you are an app junkie like me, check out the list of top free apps we examined that can empower, assist and provide you instant information right in the palm of your hands. PS. Always verify the validity of the information you acquire online with a licensed real estate agent.

You can search over 3 million listings with instant updates on price and status changes. The app includes; area highlighter, nearby homes for sale, foreclosures and recently sold properties. Ability to view multiple photos, share listings with family and friends as well as ability to save searches and input notes.
Probably the most widely used app by homebuyers. You can drive around a neighborhood and check out homes available for sale, rent and/or recently sold in the area. The app also displays interactive maps and will provides estimated  “values” of the homes in the area, which are NOT always accurate! Always consult with your real estate agent for a more accurate market value.
Similar to Zillow, allows search of homes for sale, rent, list of active open houses, with interactive maps and google earth views. A cool feature that many like is that you can “shake” the phone to reset the search and start a new search.
Walk Score
If walkability is important to you in a home, check out the Walk Score. With this app you will find out about nearby amenities and find the most walkable parts of the neighborhood. The scores range from 1 to 100.
Around Me
This app allows you  to quickly find out about what’s around potential homes. You will be able to search for banks, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, and other important businesses.
You can learn about any neighborhood in the world, about people, culture, buildings, companies, geographical information, and more.
Home Buying Power
It allows you to focus on the right price point by entering your desired payment or income percentage, along with a down payment, loan term, and interest rate. In other words it works like a mortgage calculator and allows you to establish your purchasing power.
Sex Offender Tracker App
Locate sex offenders in any neighborhood using this app. You can see pictures and the distance from your potential home.
This is a free app that allows you to capture a 360 degree image of a particular space! It is a great tool that allows you to capture an entire room – something traditional photos can’t seem to do!
Photo Measures
Photo measures allows you to save measurements on your photos. You will be able to take photos while touring properties and then plan your space with measurements you can refer to later.
Color Smart
Using BEHR’s ColorSmart, you will be able to visualize colors in your new home. Take a photo, then fill in a BEHR paint color to see what it would look like.
Dictionary of Real Estate Terms
This app has a collection of over 300 terms in real estate. It’s a great way for homebuyers who want to familiarize themselves with the real estate jargons and terms, as well as the industry.