Property Spotlight: 453 Angell Street

453 Angell Street

453 Angell Street, a giantess of a Mansard Victorian governing over Wayland Square, was waiting for someone like George Potsidis to claim it for a long time.

Built in the late 1800’s, the classic second empire single family home received an elaborate facelift during the 1920’s. The finished result was an exciting architectural fusion of different eras and fashions.

Renovations- Day One

Over ninety years later, the home, converted in the 1950’s (cringe) into 6 different apartments, lay in a state of neglect due to years of tenancies and lack of upkeep. From our neighboring office at 441 Angell Street, George and the rest of the Geo team got into the habit of staring forlornly out the windows at the property for a couple years. Finally, as the Fall of 2010 drew to a close, the opportunity arose to acquire the stately home.

Along with new partners and restoration enthusiasts Lily Spencer and Michael Bacarri, George Potsidis purchased the home and immediately commenced the overwhelming task of restoring it back to its original grandeur. Unit by unit, the property’s interior is thriving under the attention of the quiet revival. But our neighbors, particularly those who frequent Starbucks and enjoy its’ outdoor café tables, must be wondering when they will be able to appreciate the work from the streetscape of the Square.

The answer is, very soon. As soon as Mother Nature ceases her snowy surprises and Spring actually settles in, work on the property’s exterior will begin. Until then, interior tours, available on our website, should satisfy all curiosities.