Providence To Adopt 88% Property Tax Rate Increase – STOP IT NOW!

Can you afford a 25% increase in your property tax rate next month?   How about an 88% retroactive increase?

The city of Providence thinks you can. On July 14th, the Providence City Council’s Finance Committee voted to increase the property tax rates for residential and commercial property and eliminate the homestead exemption for owners of 1 – 5 non-owner occupied properties, (July 16th  and July 20th articles in the Providence Journal).  The full City Council will vote on July 26th.

How will these increases affect me?

25.5% increase in residential property tax rate: The residential property tax rate would increase from $24.21 per $1,000 of assessed value to $30.38.

88% rate increase for small landlords:  The Council will vote to repeal a homestead exemption for non-owner occupied rental properties of 1 – 5 units.  If approved, this will result in an additional increase in the actual property tax rate for owners of these properties. This will mean an increase from the current discounted rate of $16.14 of assessed value to $30.38 or more than 88%.

17.8% increase in commercial property tax rate:   The commercial property tax rate would  raise the commercial rate from $28.60 per $1,000 of value to $33.70

When will these increases take effect?   Property owners will receive revised tax bills in August, (July 16th Providence Journal). 

Why is Providence punishing small landlords?  In the words of Finance Committee Chair John Igliozzi (July 20th Providence Journal), “They are business people, and they will probably not make as much profit as they are use to, and they are unhappy”.  In other words, small landlords are greedy fat cats who are rolling in dough.  In the same article, Chair Igliozzi further claims that a tax break that has been in affect for years is suddenly illegal.

What can we do to stop this?   We can fight City Hall!  Tell your elected officials that you oppose these property tax increases.  Make their phones ring off the hook.

1. Attend the Providence City Council hearing on July 26th.


2. Call Mayor Cicilline: Telephone: (401) 421-2489



3. Call City Council   Telephone: (401) 521-7477


Tell everyone you know.