Pumpkin Glam: Fall 2013's Most Trendiest Trend


We can’t believe we’re saying this but…there’s such a thing as Pumpkin Glam. Just when you think the Fall season can’t get saturated with more “pumpkin-spiced everything”, a new trend emerges where pumpkins get decks out to the nines. It’s happening, and we hope you can keep up.

It’s genius if you think about it. Winter squash are smooth and rotund, and only make an appearance once a year. They’re quite elegant, and already have a reputation in the fashion industry. So why not dress them up for the holidays? Look, they even grow pretty pumpkin flowers:


Isn’t it beautiful?

So for those of you who already take it there and want to take it up a notch, then pumpkin glam is the way to go. Dunkin’ Donuts has claimed its hold on pumpkins for far too long. Designers, it’s your turn. Here are some of our favorite pumpkins, decked out in the most chicest fall trends.

1. Polka Dots

Pumpkin Glam

2. Lace…we die.

Laced Pumpkin


 3. Meshed Frame (inspired by Lady Gaga)

Meshed Pumpkin


4. We call this, “The Queen Mother”.

Flower Pumpkin


5. All black everything. Or otherwise known as, “The Marilyn”.

Black Pumpkin


6. And finally, the “Hippie” look. For all you Earthy folk. 

Hippy Pumpkin