Pursue Profit or Passion? By George Potsidis

This is a decision faced by many usually beginning in high school.  For most individuals this question lingers unanswered throughout their careers.  Many feel trapped in what they pursued and cannot make a change once they discover what matters most.

I was reminded of my time with this question when my nephew approached for some advice.  He is drawn to the music industry and asked for help planning his future.   He is also considering a career in the legal profession as a means to make a solid income.  Being the experienced and logical Uncle, I advised him to pursue his love of music as a career.  Since a stable income is an obstacle in that industry I lowered his immediate income expectations and recommended he obtain a low paying job in the industry that will expose him to all that it takes to be a success.    He will have to be on a tight budget for a while but I assured him he will find success if he is truly passionate and committed to his decision.

Unlike my Nephew, I did not have someone experienced to help guide me through the career selection process.   I completed my studies in Engineering and Business Administration and spent several years in a managerial position within an engineering company.  I realized early on that this career was not gratifying.  Fortunately, I was able to leave it all behind and pursued projects I was passionate about.   Although my initial income was minimal, I refused to get involved in projects I was not passionate about.  Even if there was potential for higher income, I would pass on projects that did not peak my interest.

After several years I realized you can have both–passion about your projects and good profits.  When you enjoy your work, you will spend more time and energy towards it.  You will appreciate the steps along the way and not just watch the bottom line.  You will be more productive and offer a better product.   When passion drives your investments, the community is also better served.  This will provide you with more opportunities as well.

I have been in real estate for over 25 years.  I still get giddy about every project I am involved in.  Each day I walk on the property, I feel invigorated, inspired and warm.

Many have made more profit than I, but few are having as much fun.