Restoration/Renovation Services

Restoration/Renovation Services

Whether you own a property or are searching for one, having the services and knowledge of a restoration specialist at your side is invaluable. You can eliminate the guesswork on the work required, the costs involved and the time it will take to complete the work you desire.

Geo Properties, Inc., is closely affiliated with Sega Construction, Inc. The Founder and President of both companies is George Potsidis. Sega Construction has been in the restoration field for over 20 years. They have renovated and restored over 40 properties in the Providence area. From roofs to foundations, exterior painting to finish flooring, all jobs have been competitively priced and completed with attention paid to every detail. Sega Construction is highly regarded in the preservation community today.

Geo Properties is pleased to offer the consultation services of our construction specialist at no cost or any other obligation. George Potsidis is available to walk through any property and answer construction related questions with your property or a property you have an interest in. 

Learning and training in this environment has given all our agents a unique blend of knowledge in the real estate and construction fields.

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