Client Spotlight: Local Artist Creates Custom Paintings of Homes

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If you’re ever in the Federal Hill area, make sure to visit Gallery Z, one of Providence’s premiere galleries of over four years. Founded in 2001, Gallery Z continues to host exhibits of local artwork, as well as showcasing national and international artists. Gallery Z’s diverse clientele is as impressive as the actual talent running the place.

Our most recent client, Ian Mohon, is the Senior Gallery Assistant and Technical Assistant of Gallery Z, and he creates custom paintings of local homes around the area. Primarily a painter, Mohon dapples in various mediums as a way to experiment with different techniques, such as sculpture, print and photography. And one of the ways of doing so is by producing commissioned artwork of properties of home owners.

Title: “165 Federal St. The Ruh House”
Size: 64 inch x 64 inch
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2010


How great is this? As a full service real estate agency, we are able to offer a variety of services to our clients, some of which involve buyer and seller representation, as well as restoration and renovation with our sister company, Sega Construction. It’s easy to develop close relationships with our clients as we work with them in a more tailored way.

With this in mind, we’ve come to learn a few very important things about our clients:

1. Marketing is very, very important to closing a sale.

2. Many home owners are quite attached to their homes, and require a lot of consideration when it comes to pricing, showing, and marketing their property.

3. Just as important as family portraits are to someone, obtaining a picture of your first home where your youngest daughter was raised in is just as meaningful.

Here it’s easy to understand that a portrait not only showcases your love for the property, but you also are able to call it your home. Not so long ago, our team at Geo Properties discovered original architectural blueprints of several properties around the Providence area. We decided it would be a good idea to drop each individual blueprint off to its current owners. Not only were the blueprints admired, but they were deeply appreciated as well.

Having the opportunity to see Ian Mohon’s work just reaffirmed that a small gesture goes a long way. Whenever our clients take the plunge and decide to invest in a new property, our agents hold value in celebrating their new chapter in life. So why not invest in a painting to capture it?

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