Swimming Against the Tide: The Elmgrove Avenue Project (Gallery)

We at Geo Properties and our sister construction company, Sega Construction, are proud to announce that the Elmgrove Avenue Project is finally complete! And most importantly, it was completed on time.

Although this is just one of our many real estate ventures, we can’t help but reflect on the entire process. We first started this company in the midst of the housing crisis. Our co-owners received a lot of criticism that our ventures were unrealistic or an overstretch.

But as time will tell, our knowledge and expertise of this industry will show you that anything can be done IF you’re good at what you do. And it doesn’t hurt to have an amazing team of professionals by your side.

Take a look at some photos of the construction process below. Even our managing broker, Rita Danielle Steele, rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.