The Elmgrove Avenue Project

I am not ashamed to say that despite being raised in a family well respected in Massachusetts for its architectural and high-end construction building firm, I have turned up my nose at new construction since I was old enough to decipher the difference between historic hand blown glass windows and vinyl replacements. I have carried this distaste for any home built post-1945 into my adult years. Being a bit on the stubborn side, I have rarely made exception to this philosophy.

So those of you who have seen the “Coming Soon,” sign in front of the diamond in the rough on the corner of Elmgrove and Irving Avenue are likely curious about our plans for both the home currently undergoing a full restoration and the separate adjacent lot.

The diamond is currently undergoing a complete restoration and recreation by Sega Construction. Underneath the neglect and awkward configuration we have found what may be one of our most beloved projects to date; an elegant, graceful queen of a home that has blossomed under the attention it is receiving. Our team has carefully stripped away and preserved the home’s historic charms and bones, and rebuilt and reconfigured the meat of it all to create a finished product of perfectly paired modernization and conservation.

Antique homes are puzzle-like, you have to fit the pieces that you have together in a way that makes sense. And this is an exciting challenge, one that we embrace time and time again. But what I never appreciated was the blank slate that new construction offers. It is an opportunity to create every aspect of a home to suit your taste and an anticipated buyers needs.

Contrary to my earlier preconceptions, I have also learned that new construction is as thrilling of a challenge as restoration has been. Every decision must be made carefully and with aforethought. When the possibilities are not restrained by restoration’s usual limitations, the imagination can run wild with what-if’s. The exhilarating opportunity of a fresh canvas can overwhelm, and a clear vision of the finished product must slowly form, and reform, and reform again before one can be satisfied.

And so we are thrilled to announce that we will be building a new single family home on the Irving Avenue lot. The home, designed with noteworthy young architect Andrew Hausmann and distinguished designer Skip Carlin, has been rendered to compliment the personality of the block’s streetscape and the historic architecture of the East Side. Construction completion is projected for late winter.

As always, we welcome your questions, and we invite you to stop in to see us anytime at either project. We look forward to sharing our vision with you,


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Geo Properties assisted in the acquisition of 95 Elmgrove Avenue and 74 Irving Avenue, and Sega Construction is currently restoring the existing home and designign the new construction. The joint venture of both companies will make the project run seamlessly. Our goal at Geo Properties is to assist in the design to ensure that both projects meet today’s market needs.