The trials and tribulations of Open House “Refreshments”

In theory, I have always been a big advocate for serving refreshments at my open houses. A touch of class, an extra incentive to lure in potential buyers. In practice, however, I have found the serving of refreshments at my open houses to be nothing but a calorie-loaded inconvenience.

Take this evening, for example. I was having an evening “event” of sorts, a Thursday night open house geared towards young professionals (my target market for the loft I am selling). I decided that refreshments were a must for such an event, so I posted invitations stating that said refreshments would be served all over Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist – you name it – leading up to my open house.

By my open house start time, signs were up, lights were on, soft music was playing, and I was standing with a welcoming smile at the front door. Too good to be true. I should have known that I had forgotten something. I am never that punctual. And I did realize, fifteen minutes too late, that I had overlooked picking up the damn refreshments.

My more typical refreshment scenario involves me, a poor turnout buyer-wise, and a plate of cookies that somebody (me) is “forced” to eat so that they do not go to waste. A scene in the recently popular movie “I love you man,” comes to mind. Note here – if you are a realtor and you haven’t seen this movie yet – rent it! Then you will know which scene I am talking about. And another note to all you potential buyers and other open house attendees out there – we realtors do not poison our refreshments! We actually intend for you to enjoy them! They are there for you, not me!

This Sunday I plan to host an open house at a high-end home in Providence’s East Side. Refreshments will be served, of course. But I think I am learning, because I have already decided that my “refreshments,” purchased well in advance, are going to consist primarily of some good bottles of wine. I figure, if I am going to be the only one enjoying them anyway…