Top 3 Antique Shops in Rhode Island

If you’re like me, you love a good bargain. There’s just something about owning an article of clothing or a piece of furniture and knowing that you had to “hunt it down.” While shopping, I enjoy learning the history behind where something came from. And to be honest, that’s what I find to be most appealing (sorry, IKEA).

Call me crazy, or a romanticized pirate wannabee- but I love a good treasure hunt.  I grew up thrift shopping. When I was younger, my mom and grandmother used to drag me to thrift stores and yard sales every Sunday. I remember always being on the look out for yard sale arrows on telephone poles, hopefully making it in time before the sale ends. While living in Brazil, several family members of mine had opened up a few antique shops and my grandmother owned one herself for quite some time (the only one in town actually). It wasn’t until I got a bit older that I started to feel the excitement that my family members had always felt.

So, I have compiled a list of my top 3 places to go antique/thrift shopping in Rhode Island. And I must say, this state is great for finding old things. Why? What I have come to realize while living here in Rhode Island, is that there are a TON of senior citizens. Ok, before you get upset, let me explain myself…

In my opinion, senior citizens are the best contributors to antique/thrift stores. Places like Warwick, Newport, etc. are towns that are heavily populated with residents of elderly age. One word: Jackpot. Sure, you can go to the quirky, out-of-the-way (but not really) thrift store by your college campus. But if you love authentic knick-knacks with a lot of history behind it, in good quality, you should hit up places close to your Nana and Papa’s house. Haven’t you ever wanted your grandmother’s antique jewelry? Or in my family’s case, her Persian rug?

Avoid any sibling rivalry or awkward family tension and try one of my favorite thrift places below:

What Cheer Antiques + Vintage
7 S. Angell St.Wayland Square
Providence, RI, 02906
Armory Antiques & Fine Art
365 Thames St
Newport, RI 02840
And my personal favorite (be prepared to spend an entire day here):
The Rhode Island Antiques Mall
345 Fountain Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860

All of the above have everything from vintage clothing to antique jewelry to quality wood furniture. For my imaginative folks, each place makes you feel like you can spend an entire day sifting through a treasure chest. If you want a complete list of antique stores in Rhode Island, visit Angie’s List by clicking here. 

Stephanie Issa