Urban Farm Supply Store Approved to Open in Federal Hill


This is fun and quite endearing. A former gas station will be converted into an urban farm supply store on Broadway at Courtland Street on Federal Hill. It will be called “CLUCK” and many local residents are excited about it.

The project received the g0-ahead on Wednesday afternoon by the Zoning Board of Review, which they voted 4-to-1 to approve a zoning use variance.

If you’re wondering what this unique store’s inventory will consist of, don’t worry, it’s just yard + garden supplies, beekeeping + preserving equipment, and chicken feed.

Oh, yea. And live chicks and young hens. Owner Elias Ayoub and applicant Drake Patten have been receiving some criticism by the neighborhood, according to an article on Projo.com. Residents fear that the new farm supply store will “attract rats and traffic congestion.”

Whether or not that will ultimately happen, people are excited for this. If only it were legal to buy a chick for a few days to plan with it and then return it. Oh well!