Volunteering at Dash for a Difference 2011!

On Saturday, April 30Th, the ladies of Geo Properties and Estate & Elder Law Advisory, LLC put on our best Sunday work-out gear to participate in this year’s Dash for a Difference 2011event.  Coordinating with our freshly printed team sweatshirts from the local Warwick Mall, we ladies proudly checked in to register ourselves as team “ALL STARS” at Game On! Boston on 82 Lansdowne Street.

In support of Boston Cares, Dash for a Difference 2011 is an event in which volunteers were given the opportunity to learn more about various non-profit organizations throughout the Boston area. Teams of volunteers were expected to traverse in a five-hour adventure in hopes of fulfilling mini-service projects at various local non-profits. Each team received 10-12 destinations that they had to visit along the way. In order to get to the next destination, each team must piece together clues to gain points. With our blackberry’s fully charged and sneakers tightly laced, we were ready to dominate.

The first clue led us to the Elizabeth Stone House in Jamaica Plain—a residential and community support service for women and families exposed to domestic abuse. First, our tasks were to make granola bars from scratch followed by painting a mural for the women and families of this establishment. Being the first team to arrive, we thought we had an advantage over the others. However, that was not quite the case. We had to patiently wait 15 minutes for the syrup to heat up—apparently the event facilitators did not anticipate how quickly we would get there.

Who knew we would be so competitive?

Needless to say, we were pumped with so much adrenaline that we breezed through every check point. When I say breeze, I mean this entire wooden fence was taken down in less than 15 minutes. Onlookers were amazed by the intensity of 4 small-framed women.

Which raises the question–Were we angry at something? Possibly a missed connection? Maybe it’s frustration with the current real-estate market? …Or maybe it was the fact that Dash for a Difference facilitators didn’t provide free coffee so we had to go to McDonald’s for breakfast… that’s it.

Five hours, ten water bottles and fifteen fruit snacks later, the ALL STARS became the first team to reach the finish point and ultimately became the winners of Dash for a Difference 2011. If you’re wondering what we won as first place winners, we received an awesome hub cap trophy and a free happy hour at Howl at the Moon!

Although the satisfaction of coming in first place was amazing, the knowledge that four strong-minded, independent women were able to work together-as a team-for a good cause- made it that more gratifying than winning itself.  

Even more so, who knew there were so many awesome non-profits around the Boston area? There are tons!

For a full account of the dash or to learn more on how you can become a volunteer, simply go to BostonCares.org or find Dash for a Difference on Facebook!