With a Little Help from My Friends – The Library Project (Part 2)

Welcome to the second blog post of the Rumford Library Project photo series, where we document Geo’s managing broker, Rita Danielle Steele, on her journey of restoring a town library into a home. In this post, we share the next few phases of the project–from selecting an antique tub for the master bedroom to breaking down a wall of bricks for a new back door opening.

Like we said before in our previous post, the scale of this project is a major undertaking. Not only does this project require the support of industry colleagues, but of loved ones as well. So if you want an example of what true teamwork looks like, then check out the post below.

The next phase of this project was to select an antique tub for the bathroom. The New England Demolition & Salvage in New Bedford has some really great pieces. There was a lot to choose from! 


Here is the tub that Rita selected and is restoring for the master bedroom. 


Meanwhile back at the library…

Meanwhile back at the library...

Rita’s dad (John Cucinotta) and Weston are measuring for the new back door opening. 


The soon-to-be back door is being painted a wonderful shade of dark blue.  This piece was salvaged from the house on Grotto Ave. 


The back hallway wall is all prepped for the door opening!


 Rita’s sister, Melanie, and Weston stop by and begin demo-ing the inside for a new hallway opening.

Weston and Melanie stop by on Brick Day. *All smiles*

Finally cut through the exterior to open up the wall. Hello, Weston!


Here’s Weston outside breaking apart old bricks.


A lot of work has been done, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite finished yet.


It doesn’t mean the fun has stopped either!


Don’t believe us?


What about now?


In keeping up with this brick-themed blog post, how about we end it with this funky song by Dizz called “Brick”.