YPN Hosts Monthly Networking Events for Young Real Estate Professionals


This small state of ours can be a tough place to break into the real estate industry (in any industry for that matter…).

But fear no more! The Young Professionals Network (YPN) Rhode Island hosts monthly networking events to help give young real estate professionals the tools and encouragement to succeed in this industry.

Ask any seasoned agent and they will tell you that networking is probably the most helpful tool to learn in this industry. Why? Because you never know who will be your next lucrative client. And the best type of clients are referrals.

Our own Agent, Shamila Ahmed, has recently joined on the Advisory Board and encourages all young, career-minded professionals to become a part of it. If you’re a fan of trivia, and would like to take heed to our advice, then join us on Wednesday, March 6th at the Whiskey Republic on 515 South Water Street, Providence, RI.